Does NoNo Hair Removal Live Up to Hype?

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Nono is a hair removal system that has been advertised as being revolutionary in hair removal. This product created by Radiancy Inc back in 2004 has been claimed to be a new way to remove unwanted body hair. The system is designed as a painless alternative to shaving and plucking. Not only is Nono suppose to remove hair the claim is that NoNo will also cause hair to grow back finer if not at all. So, does Nono work and live up to all the hype surrounding it.

Consumer Reviews of Nono

Upon closer look online at the Nono Hair removal products, especially its premiere item the Nono Plus, what is found is mix reviews. For example, over on Amazon Nono has received three out of five stars. So, what does this say? Well, it could come down to personal preference, the fact that no two people are alike. Also, there are certain limitations to the product that some may not take into consideration. There are certain areas of the body that it's recommended that Nono not is used to removing hair. The best course of action is not just to read reviews but to learn all you can about the product before considering buying it and even after buying to understand the do's and don't's when using the product.

Cost of NoNo Removal System

Here is another downside for many when it comes to the NoNo line of products and why the mix reviews don't help, the price. These products, especially NoNo Plus, tend to run at least a couple hundred dollars quite an investment to make a product that may not work as expected. The thing to remembers about the No No Hair Removal system is that it does seem to live up to the claims that it's painless and it does remove hair in certain spots. Keep in mind that no system will remove hair completely at one time. As for the price, it's still not as much as say going to a salon for waxing hair removal, so in the long run, it could be a money saver.

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